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August Event(s)

Local Events Event ID:281
Event Type:Business 
Event Title:"Discover Your Business's Ideal Target Market" 
Event Date:8/24/2012 
Description:Learn how to...
• Pick Your Target Market by conducting
primary and secondary research.
• Verify That You Are On the Right
Track by quickly building a hypothetical
target client with your research and then
developing concrete strategies to test your
target hypothesis.
• Develop Your Plan of Attack
Rebecca L Gubbels
Business Development Specialist
UMKC Small Business &
Technology Development Center
Gubbels has experience as both a banker and a business
owner. She has a finance background that includes
managing an SBA Microloan Program, a decade of
commercial lending, and financial product development
for the small business market. Her entrepreneurial
experience runs the gamut from packaging loans in
college to building a greeting card company to now consulting small business owners.

Cost: Members $10.00
Non-Members $20.00
Location:Kansas City 
Region:Kansas City 
URL (http://www...):http://www.kcsourcelink.com/calendar/event-detail?a=View&e=efd32156-594d-4fe1-bdca-2e1a950775c9&p=OpenAccessDataProvider 
Internal / Public:Public 
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