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Q. What are MBO’s goals and objectives?

A.   Following are MBO’s goals and objectives
  1. Dynamic networking of peers at local and global level

  2. Promotion of ethical business practices

  3. Encouraging members to team-up to consult and support each other

  4. Personal and professional development

Q. Do we really need MBO when there are other business organizations offering similar
products and services?

A. MBO differentiates itself as a global organization that follows Islamic principals and ethical business practices, helping develop professional and personal qualities of its members through peer-to-peer networking, education and support

Q. Most Muslim organizations have become ineffective after few years of existence. How MBO is different from these organizations?

A. Other organizations have become ineffective probably because these were either working in a limited geographic areas and ethnicity or not offering products and services to satisfy need of its members. MBO is following a proven model of success. Some MBO chapters have declined for reasons but chapters can be revived or new are formed

Q. Is MBO for or not-for-profit?

A. MBO is a 501c(3) non-profit registered in state of California

Q. Some successful Muslims business leaders may consider religion as a liability than an asset in their professional life. How you are going to convince them that a non-profit rooted in Islamic principles is going to help them in their business?

A.  Each religion has its sets of believes, rituals, and codes of ethics. Muslims also have them. Muslim believes and rituals could be different from others but our ethics or Islamic principles are very similar to Western or universal sets of ethics. For example, honesty, fairness, hard work and caring for others is rewarded in every culture and religion and Islamic culture is no exception

Q. We Muslims usually lack trust. How can MBO build trust among its members?

A. MBO facilitates confidence-building through forums, educational, and mentoring events, and networking activities. And MBO strives to provide them a platform through expert advice and support

Q. Does MBO provide VC or angel investment?

A. No, it does not. However, members frequently interact with financial institutions and individual investors through networking, educational, and mentoring events  

Q. Is MBO engaged in any charitable activities?

A. MBO members usually participate in various charitable activities on their own. However, MBO is not directly linked or associated with any partcicular charitable organizations

Q. Is MBO membership limited to Muslims only?

A. No, the business owners or CEOs from other faiths are welcome to join MBO through the recommendation of two existing members.

Q. Is there any political or religious agenda behind MBO?

A. MBO has no political or religious agenda as it focuses on improving personal and professional qualities of its members. However, this is an organization keen on preserving its adherence to the Islamic code of ethics, which coincides nicely with most other universal codes of ethics

Q. What are MBO’s long-term goals – let’s say 5 to 10 years from now?

A. We like to open as many chapters as possible with average annual revenues per member business exceeding 10 million

Q. How MBO is financially supported?

A. It’s supported through membership fees, sponsorships and endowments.

Q. How the executive board members are appointed or elected?

A. Initially, the local chapter board members are appointed by international BOD. However, chapters are free to elect their officers.

Q. Which cities or countries have MBO chapters?

A. There are chapters in Jeddah, Kansas City, Silicon Valley, Dallas, Riyadh, Karachi, Kualalampur. Some are active others are not. Some are bigger, other smaller

Q. Do MBO rules and regulations bind local chapters?

A. Yes. However, MBO bylaws allow autonomy to chapters within the guidelines set by its constitution.

Q. Why is MBO charging so much fee to its members when it could be a small annual fee?
A. Small  membership fee will not be enough to pay for a quality event and services organization needs to offer to their member. Other business organizations like YPO charge around $5,000 annual fee which covers their members educational and mentoring events and services. The fee may seem high but considering the benefits, it pays off in the end.
Q. Could a chapter offer additional products and services to its local members?
A. The local chapters do have freedom to improve on existing products and services or add to them. However, it’s important that chapters offer products and services that are proven effective and beneficial to members.
Q. What can cause a member to leave or be expelled from MBO?
A. The local chapter board has right to revoke membership for any unethical personal or business conduct or non-payment of annual dues. Members usually leave an organization if they feels that they can’t spare time to fully participate in the events and activities of the organization, or that they are not learning or benefiting from their membership

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