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Membership Criteria

1. General Qualifications

This chapter shall be composed of leaders and future leaders associated with the business communities of the regions who value the mission of the MBO.

2. Types of Members
Chapter will have three types of members:

a. Members
b. Honorary members (not exceeding 5% of the membership)
c. Members-at-large
(Honorary memberships can be awarded to a person or to an official post)

3. Members – Defined
A member must have legal residence in the chapter region and meet the membership criteria. A member-at-large is a person who meets the membership criteria and who resides outside the chapter region and does not have a chapter in the area where he/ she resides in. An Honorary Member is a prominent figure who fulfils the membership criteria of the MBO and whose presence is deemed significant for the objectives of the organization.

4. Membership Criteria
A potential member has to be any or all of following:
  1. Be in a senior management position of a business organization, the owner of his own business
  2. A professional working in or contributing to the business community
  3. A resident in good standing in the community
  4. Is minimum of 30 years of age.
  5. Holds a degree in higher education or deemed a person of high intellectual capacity.
A potential Honorary Member must fulfill the following criteria:
  1. The potential Honorary Member has to be a prominent leader in his community
  2. The potential Honorary Member has to add substantial value and benefit to the Organization
5. Membership Endorsement
All membership applications must be endorsed by Two (2) existing members, with respect to the following guidelines;
  1. Members whose membership fees & dues are fully paid can only endorse application forms.
  2. Each MBO member is allowed a maximum of 2 endorsements in every year.
  3. Endorsements of direct relatives will not be accepted. A direct relative is; Father, son, brother, uncle, first cousin or nephew.
6. Selection Procedure of Members
The selection of new members is as follows:
A potential new member has to fill an application form. The application must be endorsed by two (2)  MBO members and submitted to the chapter administrator
  1. The chapter administrator will check for the compliance of the application with MBO’s membership criteria and endorsement guidelines
  1. If the application is in compliance, it will be forwarded to the membership director who will then investigate the application to the best of his ability and document his recommendation
  1. During the next board meeting, the board will review completed application evaluation forms and vote on the applications submitted by membership director. Each board member will have VETO rights to reject an application
A potential new honorary member has to be recommended by the Board of Directors of the Chapter approved by a simple majority vote of the Governing Board

7. Duration of Membership
The period of membership is one (1) year.
Honorary Memberships are permanent and can only be revoked by the Governing Board.

8. Renewal of Membership
Membership renewal is automatic once a member pays his dues in full. A re-qualification will be done only if requested by the board. The Board has the right with a 3/4 majority of its members voting to deny renewal of a member’s membership in the Chapter if the member no longer meets the membership criteria

9. Dues and Fees
  1. Dues and fees: The Chapters dues, initiation fees, international fees, and any other similar charges shall be established in a manner approved by the Board of Directors of the Chapter.
  2. A member must pay all dues, fees and other charges in a proper, timely manner and in accordance with established procedures.
  3. Any member in arrears in the payment of any amounts due for the Chapter shall be notified and then shall be subject to suspension of membership in accordance with policies and procedures established by the Board of Directors of the Chapter.
  4. A member resigning for any reason remains responsible for all unpaid financial obligations except as otherwise may be provided by the Board of Directors of the MBO Chapter.
10. Termination & Suspension of Membership
  1. Any member failing to maintain international membership requirements “in accordance with International By-Laws” after due notice, will be asked to resign from Chapter.
  2. The MBO board can, with a simple majority vote, terminate the membership of any member who fails to pay his membership fee past 30 days.
  3. Any member or member-at-large, who fails to maintain minimum membership attendance requirements may be asked to resign, subject to Board of Directors action.
  4. The MBO board can, with a majority vote, suspend or terminate the membership of any member-at-large who fails to pay membership fee for longer than 90 days or fails to maintain the minimum attendance requirements.
  5. The Governing board will have the sole authority to terminate honorary memberships
  6. In cases when a member displays extreme prejudice or clear violation of ethics, his/ her membership can be suspended or terminated from the Chapter by a vote of at least a 2/3 majority of the Board.
  7. A suspended Member shall have no rights or other privileges of Membership; such Members shall not be deemed part of any meeting quorum and shall not be counted in any vote or census taken.
  8. Any member under suspension for any reason shall not be deemed to be in good standing

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